Time for ‘Real’ Water!

by lilla on October 23, 2011

NJ water spring

It’s a balmy 54F degrees here in New Jersey and all the snow is finally melted – perfect for stocking up on “real” water! I went to my local spring today and collected 20 gallons. With 3 feet of snow this winter, I had to resort to store-bought (a.k.a. plastic tea) and filtered tap water for awhile, but not anymore!

I found these BPA-free containers (see picture) at the Container Store for a decent price. I would LOVE to collect the water in glass, but then I couldn’t lift and haul it back home. UNLESS I got a LOT of mini glass bottles! But that’s kinda impractical. ;)

Yay – I’m so happy Spring officially arrives next week. Bring it on!

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