Review: Chocolate Kale Chips? Genius!!

by lilla on October 19, 2010

chocolate kale chips

Last week I came home to find an unexpected box at my doorstep. Return address – Blue Mountain Organics. I LOVE their products but I didn’t recall ordering from them recently. So imagine my delight when I opened the box to find three samples of their kale chips for no particular reason. NICE! Thank you Blue Mountain!

The Nutty Cheeze and Cheezy Spice flavors were yummy but let’s face it - cheesy flavored raw kale chips? Been there, done that. What I really LOVED was their Chocolate Kale Chips!! Yes, I said chocolate and kale in the same sentence. Who would of thunk of this combination. It is YUM! It satisfies my chocolate “tooth” (yeah, you know you’ve got one too) without being overly heavy. The chips are like ethereal wisps of feathery crisp chocolate.

Now I’m not fooling myself and counting this is a serving of dark green leafys, but if your gonna have chocolate, what better vehicle than on kale to transport it I ask you? I also like that there is no agave in these babies. They only use coconut sugar – the new sweet darling of  raw food. SO check them out or try to make them and let me know how it goes. If I wasn’t so lazy lately, I would try making a batch – lol. Maybe some day. And just for the record, I was under no obligation to write this post nor do I receive any compensation from Blue Mountain.

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