The Raw Food World Anniversary Sale!

by lilla on June 23, 2010

My favorite source and affiliate for all things raw, The Raw Food World, is having a HUGE sale until next Wednesday June 30, 2010. A whopping 14% off of ALL orders with the coupon code ANNIVERSARY14 to celebrate Matt and Angela’s one year anniversary – YAY!

The first thing on my shopping list is the Living Tree Community Tahini. This is truly the BEST tahini I’ve ever tasted! Last week in a pinch, I bought Joyva tahini in the tin can at Whole Foods. Blech! Living Tree is sooooo much better by FAR. I think I’ll also buy the sunflower lecithin to replace the soy lecithin in my raw whipped cream recipe. Has anyone used the sunflower lecithin?

Besides the huge 14% off sale, Matt & Angela decided to give away ALL of the radio interviews they did this past year with nine remarkable beings: David Wolfe, Shazzie, Gabriel Cousens, Victoria Boutenko, Daniel Vitalis, Paul Nison, Jameth Sheridan, Leonid Sharashkin and Elena Tonetti-Vladirimova. You can access the interviews for FREE from their website – just click on the Raw Food World RADIO SHOW tab at the top of their website.

And last but not least, check out Matt’s video audition and vote for him to get his own TV Show on Oprah’s Network. Good luck, Matt! :)

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    Congratulations on your anniversary and continue advocating the lifestyle of eating raw foods.

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    The Raw Food World Anniversary Sale! — Healthy Simple Living…

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