Classic Indian Sweet – Revisited & Raw

by lilla on March 25, 2010

raw pistachio burfi with cardamom and vanila

I still remember the sweet shops when I lived in India for a month studying Ashtanga -  neat rows of tantalizing bite-size treats. The shop owners used to laugh at my pronunciation when I placed an order, but I didn’t care. It was worth the humiliation. Washed down with cool coconut water from a freshly cut coco, it was the perfect end to a hard day of yoga and lounging around steamy Mysore.

"Rows of Indian Sweets!"

"Rows of Indian Sweets!"

For the longest time, I thought about recreating burfi (also spelled ‘barfi’ but that sounds so unappetizing – lol) into a raw-ified version and I finally got around to it. Oh my, it’s sooooo good!

Raw Cardamom Pistachio Burfi

"Raw Cardamom Pistachio Burfi"

"Raw Candy Yum!"

I will type and post the recipe soon, in the meantime, check out Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays!

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  • arithefruallyrichlife

    looks delicious! Is there a recipe? :)

  • Kali Lilla

    Yes! I'll type up the recipe this weekend and post very soon!

  • Carol Gay

    Ok so supposedly I have already subscribed to your newsletter and it was confirmed too, but I don't recall getting anything from you. . so it you get a chance to check .. . my email . . is
    I'd love to get your newsletter. . want that Indian Candy Raw recipe and the Mayo too !
    carolgayxoxo thanks !

  • Kali Lilla

    Hi Carol! :)
    You are subscribed and you haven't missed anything – I only send newsletters quarterly. The Burfi and Mayo recipes are already on my website. Just look under the “RECIPES” tab up top. Enjoy!

  • raw so'cal gal

    Oh good!!! One look and I wanted to make this right away! Please send an email alert when you type and post this recipe:) Thanks so much!

  • Kali Lilla

    Hi Carol,
    The recipes are online. Just go to my website and click on the RECIPES tab
    at the top of the page. Enjoy!

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