Roasted Winter Veggies Rock My World

by lilla on February 17, 2010

easy roasted brussels sprouts caulflower recipe

I spent the last 3 years living in tropical climates trying, to avoid the biting Northeast winters. I lived and traveled from Arizona to Hawaii to Australia. I built up this idea in my mind that my tri-state area home was a bleak place to live. But now that I’ve made my homecoming this past November…well, beauty is WHEREVER you find it – just open your eyes and choose to be surrounded by it! ♥

I love the changing seasons – the cycle of birth, death and renewal – spring blooms, hot summers, autumn’s crisp air and even the silence of winter. There was a time when I thought I wanted to move to a tropical climate year-round, but after three years of nearly constant heat, I can confidently say that four seasons resonate with my body and soul.

Which brings me to the topic of eating seasonally. This winter, I just can’t get enough of roasted veggies – especially cauliflower and brussels sprouts. I can’t believe I never tasted a brussels sprout until last year when on a whim, I got some roasted from Whole Foods. Wow! Love ‘em! But at $7.99/lb, I’ll make them myself, thank you. They’re so easy and delish. I also learned through the Nourshed Kitchen’s 28 Day Challenge not to be scared to add fat to my veggies. Not only does it make it taste better, but the fat helps the body assimilate the vitamins in the vegetable more easily. Hello oil and butter!

Roasted Winter Veggies

1) Preheat the oven to 375F. Cut brussels sprouts in half and/or cauliflower into bite-size florets and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. For the cauliflower, I add a ton of crushed garlic cloves after the first 20-minutes (me loves garlic!)  but don’t mince it! Just crush it, otherwise it will burn.

Toss brussel sprouts in olive oil, salt & peppa

Toss brussels sprouts in olive oil, salt & peppa

2) Place on a foil-lined baking sheet in the oven – approximately 40-50 minutes – tossing every now and then so that they brown evenly.

Spread veggies in single layer on baking sheet

Spread veggies in single layer on baking sheet

3) Enjoy! Yum, I can eat a whole big bowl – no prob.

Roasted naturally sweet brussel sprouts

Roasted naturally sweet brussels sprouts

Roasted cauliflower & garlic - winter satisfaction

Roasted cauliflower & garlic - winter satisfaction!

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  • Bec

    Yummo, might try that myself.

  • lilla

    LMK if you do Bec! Lucky you can grow them in your organic garden. I’m jealous. ;)

  • Lori

    I'm loving brussels sprouts right now too. I know just how you feel regarding the seasons. This is my first winter after living in Brazil 2 yrs. Just the changing season, the snow and brisk cold are so beautiful to me now.

  • Kali Lilla

    Brazil! Cool. Are you in the Northeast USA too?

  • Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    love cauli and brock and brusssles and which way, raw or roasted, all good to me!
    i almost made your coconut oil chocolate almond bark the other day but instead made this!

    i need to try your choc recipe too though!

  • Kali Lilla

    LOL – I LOVE 5-minute coco oil chocolates – so easy. Yours looks delish.
    Cute apron too!

  • Joy R3FitShow

    I love brussels, but have not had them in a few Months. They are now on my mental grocery list. Thanks!

  • Kali Lilla

    I JUST picked up some more today! Luv 'em. ;D

  • Lynda

    Since seeing this post, I have roasted veggies FOUR times! They are so absolutely exactly what I love and want to eat. Thanx so much for giving me this idea. I also add in broccoli and is equally great. Thanx again Lilla for your awesome ideas!!

  • Kali Lilla

    Awesome Lynda! I'm going to try broccoli next!

  • mike

    the best part about these is the leaves off the sprouts makes crunchy flakes, its like eating a light chip. I put big chuncks of garlic and small yellow button potatoes…yummmo

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  • Kali Lilla

    LOL – I love the crunchy little brussel leaves too!
    Another garlic lover I see! ;)

  • G1G1

    Omg! I am so obsessed with those brussels sprouts whole foods makes as well!!! When they're available I buy them in the largest tub… TIMES 5… and I freeze them because they retain their flavor, moisture, everything really well! Currently one of the Whole Foods near by still make them… so I get them every so often but I agree with you they are a bit costly… but in my mind oh so worth it! Although I did make roasted brussels sprouts with a convection oven over the holidays and it worked REALLY well!! Too bad I don't have one in my apartment!

  • Kali Lilla

    LOL. I know – aren't they the best???? Can't believe I waited so long to try
    brussel sprouts. Never thought of freezing them – good idea!

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