A Beautiful Spirit and Raw Food Bodybuilder

by lilla on October 23, 2008

I just listened to another fabulous WLIR podcast interview with Nature Love. Nature Love has been vegan for over 25 years and a raw foodist for over 7 years. He’s a bodybuilder and gets ALL his protein from greens! He has a green drink in the morning and then a big salad for dinner. I’m still too attached to the physical plane to eat like Nature Love, but I’m fascinated by people who reach such a level of spiritual awareness that food loses all it’s emotional control and simple becomes a vehicle of sustenance to maintain the “machine.” Sri Ramana Maharshi (an amazing sage and teacher of “self-inquiry”) was such a spiritual being that his devotees had to feed him because he preferred to spend his time in meditation and teachings.

This podcast is Part 2 of 2 and I thought it would be of interest to Shredders because Nature Love talks about his exercise and nutrition in this segment (Part 1 is also worth listening to as well.) Some will find this interview controversial as it goes against what we’ve all been drilled about protein intake and sources. But there may be other possibilities than what we’ve been taught and what we believe to be “truth.”

Another great take-away that I got from this interview is how Nature Love really TUNES IN to the muscle he’s working during his training. None of his movements are done mindlessly, but rather as a “moving” meditation. I tried it yesterday during my strength training workout and really directed my energy and intention to the muscles I was trying to hit. This is a wonderful tip that I’ve heard before, but never REALLY did it with such consciousness and purpose before.

Tomorrow I will post another great interview. The first in a series of my informal chat with Natural Champion Bodybuilder, Carlos DeJesus. This is good stuff you won’t want to miss!

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  • http://julirunswild.blogspot.com juli

    Hey Lilla, your interview-series sounds exciting. I cannot wait for it.

    I downloaded Nature Love's podcast and will listen to it later in the car. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  • KaliLilla

    You're welcome Juli. It's certainly a different perspective and way of eating for sure.

  • lynda

    Thanx again Lilla for a great opportunity to learn. Will listen to Nature Love tonite. Love all you give us. I too have read that we must think of our muscles in exclusive when they are worked, but can´t say that have paid much attention. Now I will.

  • http://becomingfitatfifty.blogspot.com Shari

    I am really learning alot from your new blog! What a great resource!

  • KaliLilla

    Honing in on the muscle being worked really helps. Let me know how it goes. :)

  • KaliLilla

    Thank you, Shari! :)

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