Friends in High Places

by lilla on October 1, 2008

My dear friend Lynda of 130 on My Way hooked me up with her famous “pal” Sean O’Malley of Cardio Coach. I sent him an email telling him that Lynda was a personal friend of mine and if I could trial a CC workout. Within 24 hours, I got a response and a free download!

So I took it out for a test run today. It definitely motivated me to work harder! I love listening to music when I run BUT what happens is I usually just zone out. But with the Cardio Coach, it kept me engaged throughout – loved the countdowns and the encouragement. Ran longer than I normally would and pushed myself harder. Cool! Looking forward to trying out the other workouts. Thanks Lynda and Sean!

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  • Debbie

    Which cardiocoach workout did you get?

  • KaliLilla

    Cardio Coach Volume 1. Do you have a favorite?

  • Lynda

    So glad you tried the new Cardio Coach workouts. The music is absolutely the best (like the drum part most), and Sean´s getting you thru it and on to higher and higher effort is the tops. Remember when DEBBIE started up a CC week of daily workouts? Glad you got the Cardio Coach habit!

  • juli

    Hey Lilla, wow, how wonderful!

    I also contacted Lynda's pal and I wonder when I will receive and anwer. Great that you had so much fun with the audio-program!



  • KaliLilla

    Yeah, CC makes a difference. Will probably use it 2-3 times/week.

  • KaliLilla

    Cool – let us know what happens.

  • Debbie

    My favorite is cardiocoach 5.

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